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P. americana a drinker

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Check out the American cockroach facts on the right towards the middle of the page.


That's an interesting page. It also says P. americana grows to 1/2 inch (I'm sure they meant 1 and 1/2 inch) and under habitat is says 'very aggressive' which seems to be another error. It claims that growth to adulthood takes nearly two years. It is slower growing than other pest species but a year is more realistic.

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Pest controllers have got to get their facts right. :rolleyes: The part about taking around 2 years could be due to the condition in which he raised the P. americana (if he raised them at all and wasn't just taking someone else's word or making up a number). If that was correct though, then these would have to live over 3 years, which would be unusual for a pest roach which are typically fast breeding and short-lived. I had hissers in a cooler than recommended temperature and it set them back several months. I also thought it was interesting how the pictures were not actual photos.

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