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E. distanti in Costa Rica

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I went to Costa Rica this summer, and one thing I saw there was quite interesting.

We were getting ready for dinner in Tortugero in an open air kind of hut/house. Suddenly a big roach crawled from out of the roof and fell on the floor. Amid the screams of "Oh yuck!' I managed to get a good look at it and observed it had an orange pronotum and shiny wings before it crawled in between the floorboards. I've only kept E. prosticus but it seemed slightly bigger and its wings were more silvery. Does distanti match this description? Also, what the heck was it doing in our dining hall?

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Eublaberus distani are not known in Central America. They are found in northern areas of South America in caves. They were the roach originally known as a "cave roach" or "bat cave roach".

From my off-hand as-I-can research and personal experiences in Costa Rica, I can say that what you saw could have been any number of other roaches (none in the hobby in the USA). CR is loaded with a variety of interesting roaches both known and unknown to science. I have probably seen 11 or so different roaches in Costa Rica that match that description.

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