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Praying mantis breeding and eye color


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I've noticed that my chinese mantises (mostly the females) change eye color depending on the time. The eyes are basically black at night, and lighter in the morning. Why?

Also, I have been attempting to breed a male (5 days old as adult) and a female (2 weeks as adult). He is usually afraid of her, and they have fought multiple times. I usually feed both before mating. I usually have success with this.

Also, I don't want her to eat the male, as I have a female nymph to mate him with.

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The change in eye color has to do with light. That is why at night they are dark and during the day they are light. I'm not to sure exactly why this is, but i think it has to do with light obsorbtion in the eyes.

Your male is way to young to mate. Give him at least two weeks as an adult before you introduce her to him.

And also keep them seperated until you are ready to mate them. Chinese mantids are very cannibalistic.

Hope this helps some.

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Thank you ismart! My males are older now, and I have accomplished mating once. Thanks again!

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