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Death Head Roach for feeder

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Posted by Doug on 3/21/2004, 12:20 pm

Does the Death's Head Roach make a suitable feeder roach for lizards? Suitability would include: shell not too thick, no defensive smell, fast rate of reproduction.

Also, do any of you have enough of these to sell part of a colony?

I am breeding lobster roaches and Blaptica dubia, but I think variety can only be a good thing as far as nutrition is concerned.



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Posted by Chris Montross on 3/21/2004, 6:35 pm, in reply to "Death Head Roach for feeder"

It is a heavier armored species than dubia and would be best used with lizards with strong jaws or larger species of tarantulas. You will have to see what the others say about reproduction as I haven't bred them yet.



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