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What if anything effects dubias gender?

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As the question says. Is there anything that effects dubias gender?

I used to always have extra males now I am very low on males. I have only 8.3% males to females that's WAY lower then the 20% + males I need.  I'm talking a group of over 600 females with only 50 males. That's numbers from 3-4 different bins. It's like 12 females per male, It used to be were I had 100-200 extra males.

Does anyone have ideas on why this would happen if something climate or food wise would change the genders they give birth to? If its not that would there be a reason for this?

I need to get more males but I'd like to know why not just buy more and say o well.

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Academic sources note that Dubia sex can be determined by the developmental egg temperature: males result from 82-85F, females 75-80F. However, I don't currently raise Dubias, so I can't personally vouch for the actual significance of these reports.

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