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A few Malaysian Roaches to ID


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Nice photos! :lol:

The top photo of the female with ootheca I don't know of yet, but the bottom two photos look to me like Epilamprinae pseudophoraspis, but is something of a guess on my part.

If not then probably a similar Epilamprinae sp. ??

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The top photo is a Blattellidae member. I've got nothing on the bottom, Matt is probably right. Google doesn't have much on exotic roaches.

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Thanks :)

Yes, could not find any info on this beauty.

The female with ootheca is smaller than a centimeter if my memory serve me right.As for possible Epilamprinae pseudophoraspis, what do they eat?

Here is another one, climber and non odor (at the moment):




Nymphs (or female), I don't know.



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This one is a REAL beauty and fine example of a roach !!

I have to wonder it it would fall into the Periplaneta genus.... ??? There are a few Periplaneta species that I can't find a description on...


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1st Spec. Lobopterella dimidiatipes (Bolivar, 1890) (Blattellidae; Blattellinae)

2nd Spec. Epilamprinae (Blaberidae).

I am not familiar with this group~~ but it should belong to Pseudophoraspis as the following character: Head hind under the pronotun; first segment of hind leg tarsus almost equal to the other segments joint.

3rd Spec. Homalosilpha sp. (Blattidae; Blattinae)

This spec. is actually matched with a chinese spec.: Homalosilpha kryzhanovskii Bey-Bienko, 1969. Since the spec. is labeled as endemic of China, and I have not seen all spec. of this genus.. I am not certain.

all nice spec. :lol:

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