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Gromphadorhina oblongonota - how variable are they?


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I am curious as to if the G. oblongata can be as variable as the P. Vanderbeckie? Everything that I have read and the photos that I have seen online say and show a very large hisser which is very red/mahogany in color. However, I have about a dozen of them (all from the same source) with 6 of them being either adult or near to adult and the color is nearly black with minimal red/mahogany. In fact, one absolutely HUGE adult male is very nearly solid black in color. The form of the body looks like the online pictures I have seen, just the colors seem really dark and not nearly as reddish as I would expect from what I've seen and read online.

So, questions -

...are these really G. oblongata?

...are G. oblongata often blacker rather than reddish?

...could these be a color morph of G.oblongata?

I will try to get a picture if necessary - but I have to find all my camera goodies first (tripod, lights, etc.) and make sure my battery is charged. I was hoping that perhaps someone would know the answer just from the description.

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Adult G. oblongonota are often nearly black in color but have some reddish highlights. Keep in mind most photos you see are overexposed so they look more red than in real life.

Aye, of that you speak true - without proper lighting most things don't come out true to color <_<

Good to know that my fellas are normal :)

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