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I was checking out some millipede caresheets online & came across the suggestion of breaking up egg shells into the food as a calcium supply, or adding a cuttle bone in the tank. These methods as opposed to sprinkling the calcium powder on the salad. I never even knew millipedes needed calcium.


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Millipedes employ a bit of calcium in their exoskeleton versus some insects that have very little. Cuttlebone may be helpful but there's a decent chance it can't be consumed or digested. If you are feeding an adequate diet with rotten leaves the leaves provide the calcium that is required for growth (different leaves contain different levels of calcium so a mix is best rather than the 'straight oak' idea. I've only tested a few leaves singularly and noticed that rotten oak and elm are good while maple is poor for leafeater growth. I said to use a mix including oak and someone else changed that to a straight oak suggestion).

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