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Aggresive Roaches

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Just a quick question, Are there any species of roaches where the males are aggressive towards each other?

Can you also tell me how aggressive they are to each other as in mildly nipping at each other to going out of their way to kill each other.

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On a scale of zero to five based on my experiences:

"Hisser" Species- 3

They don't usually harm one another but do battle for territory.

A. tesselata - 4.5

They are bad wing biters but some dog food and plenty of space help, but slowly their wings will disappear.

B. giganteus - 3

I don't have a very high density of males to it really isn't that bad but I have heard that they can be fairly aggressive.

E. posticus - 4.5

Like peppered, if they have lots of space and protein they are alright but a perfect male specimen will not last long in a cage without some damage.

G. bisannulata - 0

I have a low density of males but haven't seen damage on them.

G. lurida - 1.5

Again, I have a low density but have noticed a little nibble hear and there I haven't boosted these guys protein yet so maybe that will help.

B. lateralis - 0

Have quite a few of these guy's and haven't seen any male/male aggression there is food aggression between all the 'roaches without regard to sex of size.

N. cinerea - .5

Have quite a few of these guys and have seen very minimal damage even though they do chase around each other.

These are all species that I own and are (mostly) winged. In those sp. that have wings damage rating is assessed by rate of wing biting presumably by males. Other species I own that do not have wings it's hard to assess damage and aggression between males so I didn't even try. Aggression is affected by many things such as male density, female density, food (types, quantity available), temperature, and amount of surface area in the cage (increased or decreased hiding spots and territories). I hope that with this information nobody is playing a six legged version of Michael Vick. Maybe some others can add to or argue against this post.

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For all roaches, there are A LOT of variables that affect aggression of one roach toward one of its own species or one of another species and there is no guidline or rules to it. Many roach keepers will have different experiences with the same setup.

You have to consider that the species in question may live singularly, in small groups, large groups, or colonies in the wild. Food variables occur in the wild with the seasons. When you keep them in captivity in a tub or bin you change everything about thier husbandry, which is why there is such a difference between 'natural husbandry' and 'captive husbandry'. Generally, no roach is agressive (per se) as a baseline for behavior. The things that have the most impact on captive roach aggression are population density and diet- all of which are survival based and not so much aggression based responses and a different balance exists for almost every species.

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I agree with Matt; For example, in my peppered colony I've seen only one case of broken wings, and this one from a flying mishap during handling. Although... Orange heads are notorious wing biters, I agree with this, but this doesn't necessarily mean aggression.

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Maybe you should look into more cannabalistic creatures.... like praying mantis. I have had them duel it out to the death before (not intentionally).


I don't want them to kill each other, but just do little competitions. I've had mantids before and I know what you mean.

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