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Amblypygids male or female?

Matt K

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Hi Matt,

I was tempted to pick up a few of those myself! Neat to see some photos here and even neater to know that there are around 5 species readily available in the hobby RIGHT now!!!

There is a diagram for differentiating the sexes in the new book "Whipscorpions and Whipspiders" by Orin McMonigle. The definitive region is that first segment of the abdomen, just below the cephalothorax, surrounding specifically the sexual openings. Unfortunately, neither of your photos appear clear enough for me. Obviously the one on the right is much more clear. It appears to be a female, but light and shadow and the size and resolution of the photos make it hardly more than a guess. Perhaps Orin will be more helpful?

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Assuming they're both mature and the same species, f I had to guess I'd say right female, left male but the left photo is out of focus and I also can't see the rear edge of the operculum in detail. If they're both mature adults there should be a noticeable but not significant difference in the pedipalp size even in Phrynus.

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