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My roach-food recipe


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For the big batch I made up a few weeks ago, I used:

~30% cat/dog food 50/50 mix

~30% lab rodent pellets

~20% leftover commercial hedgehog food

~20% dried mixed vegetables and fruits(late-nite tv gadget, remember?)

Grind it all up in a blender to a fine powder.(the rodent pellets are hard and tuff)

Store in air-tight containers(I made alot when all was said and done).

My roaches love it, and always look fat to the point of bursting.

I use a shallow dish in the colony tub, but also sprinkle a line of food directly across the floor of the tub for the babies.

I feed every other day, and the food is always gone, I also always provide watercrystals and rotate apples and oranges maybe 2x a week or so.

The rodent chow is fairly high in protein, and is very cheap in bulk at feed stores.

I get it for $0.25 per lb at the feed store, and have a big feeder-mouse colony going so its convenient.

Some say not or dont have to grind up the food, I do it just to insure that all the ingredients are mixed well and eaten, I dont want a buncha picky roaches that only want certain foods.

I also dont worry about no red catfood(used a kind that had 4 colors including red), I feed these roaches to my prized frog collection and have had no issues with health or digestion with my frogs and they absolutely love these roaches.

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~20% leftover commercial hedgehog food

~20% dried mixed vegetables and fruits(late-nite tv gadget, remember?)

Can you explain more about "commercial hedgehog food". Is that a special, high proteine mix - since hedgehogs enjoy meat?

I am not sure that I can get it here.

When you say "late-nite tv gadget" is that because you use same type of dried snacks that you would eat yourself (quite sweet)?

Is your blend dry enough to keep mould away?

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