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ATS Conference in Rio Rico Arizona July 23-26

Allpet Roaches

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I changed a few settings, how about now?
Yes, now they work just like the Latiblattella attachment in the photo section.

You click once and the photo opens in a new window.

Orin, I like your understatement: "I did not really take any pictures...." :blink:

You are not telling too much, but it seems you had a good time at ATS Arizona.... :rolleyes:



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I'll post some photos from the trip soon. I have MANY photos, but I'm still busy acclimating all the new bugs to a life in captivity.

By the way, Orin gave a wonderful presentation on cockroaches at the ATS conference. It was really interesting and, if I may say so, a really nice break from the arachnid topics :P

Also had the pleasure of meeting BugmanPrice! He had the best sense of humor and sense of enthusiasm of anybody I met in AZ! Wish I could have spent more time in the field with you Bugman!

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