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Welcome! It can't hurt to join a cockroach forum. :lol: What species do you have?

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Just 2 at the moment, Gromphadorina Portentosa, and Archimandrita Tesselata , the latter being my favourite ;)

I hope to lose the G.portentosa in place of G.oblongata, and also track down some domino roaches and the giant banana roaches.

I also keep a fair few mantids, double shield mantids, taiwanese flowers, malaysian dead leaves, and a boxer mantis ooth incubating ^_^

I also keep many phasmids, at the moment im trying to weed out any common and plain species from my stock and concentrate on rarer and more exotic species :).

Apart from that i also have a tailless whip scorpion, an adult vinegaroon and her offspring, and also an Atlas beetle grub, which im really chuffed with cause it was the first beetle i bred :P

Oh and i also have a couple of chameleons and a bearded dragon.

And some fish lol

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Gee, I love the variety of insects available in Europe. You guys are lucky, no entomology department of the USDA to stop you! How are the vinegaroons to keep? I've been thinking about getting one.

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