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peat moss for hissers?


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Maybe consider crushed coconut fiber, peat has a number of issues but might work okay.

i'm going to bake it first-------what issues? ? ? ?

I also am planning on putting some rollie pollie bugs in as well as soon as they start showing up---too cold yet.

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Two issues that come to mind are the low pH and the very slight chance of harbouring chronic fungal disease. Some people are concerned about its overcollection causing serious environmental problems but I don't know if that's just another environmental urban legend or not.

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Somehow I tried moss, but i didn't liked it.

I use sawdust for my roaches and cirkets, and I think it's OK. They sometimes like to taste it, so.............. I think that is it fine.

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Anyone tried this----is it okay to use?

I use peat for my tarantulas----bake it first-------i was just using newspaper for my hissers but though the peat would be perfect for them?


I have not used peat moss but I do use live fern moss. The stuff that grows on logs in the woods. I have been using it for my hissers for a long time and they seem to love it. If you live somewhere you can not get this type of moss I would be happy to give you some. Just let me know.

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