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Zachary Titus

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Hi I'm Zach. I'm from California but have been living and working in Germany for the last 9 years. I currently keep B. dubia and Panchlora spec. Giant as feeders/pets and have kept deaths heads in the past. But am looking into others, and would be thankful for any recommendations on species that make good pets/feeders, (ie. look nice, don't have a strong defensive smell, won't set up shop in the house if they get out). I keep a long list of snakes, Rhacodactylus spec. and Phelusma spec. Geckos, Panther Chameleons, and a few spider and beetle specs. I'm looking forward to being active on the form and thank you in advance for any replies.


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Hi Zach

Nice to find someone from this side of the ocean :D !

Do you speak German (would be easier for me)?

I know some good and reliable roach-traders in Germany (see below) and have some nice species myself.

One which I can stongly recommend as feeder is Oxyhaloa deusta. (@Orin: they are not that rare in Europe so don't run them down again, will you? ;) )

And Phoetalia pallida is another small & fast breeding critter whilst Nauphoeta cinerea could be somewhat critical...

Grüessli from Switzerland


Maybe you should have a look to this pages even if you don't understand that much German:






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Writting in germans fine with me though it would only be fair if over e-mail or PM. I've seen a few of the sites you've listed. I got my Panchlora from Schaben-Spinner. I know that they also have Oxyhaloa deusta so I'll have to look into them. Thanks for your help, the list of sites will end up being well used.

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Oh man Orin.... :rolleyes:

They ARE bigger (at least twice...)! Females reach a good 15 mm being quite good for smaller and young geckos (especially because they walk on glas and don't hide that fast) and it's more fun and gym if the pets can hunt 10 instead of one.

And yes, the Lucihormetica are real cool roaches (until you find out that the stronger males chew the feet of the weaker ones)!

@Zach: Sure not in the public part...

My link-list contains more or less all species easily available in Germany, for rare ones ask I. Fritzsche from the schabenforum (Orin for sure knows him cause he's one of the few real nerds).

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Thank you both for the replies, Oxyhaloa deusta may be a good fit I'm also looking for smaller roaches to feed hatchlings and smaller reptiles. I looked into Lucihormetica and they really do look like they would be an interesting roach. And while I have you all here what are your thoughts on Schultesia lampyridiformis as a feeder/pet?

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