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New Banner time..?


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We ran a photo calendar contest in November/December eighteen months ago. It was pretty successful with many more photo entries than months to display them on a one year calendar. However, this last Nov/Dec. we took the calendar contest down after a month of noone participating.

Contests are always possible if anybody wants to do the following:

1. Come up with a great idea

2. Donate "prizes"

We've had quite a few members join the forum in the last few months and there's a nice base of veterans too. Perhaps the forum is ready for another contest???

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Where do we submit?!!!???

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Anybody else interested in this contest? We're not going to consider changing the banner unless a number of people say they will actually participate in the contest.

I like the idea of involving the community in a contest. The suggested prize of a pair of roaches is a little slim compared to the time it takes to make a new banner. Plus, what would you do if the winner was in another country?

Also, this particular contest would require 20 people to participate in a vote among the banners that were created. If 20 people do not participate in the vote, then the old banner stays. The vote would have a time limit...say, two weeks.

Of course, the original banner would be an entry and the new banner should fit into the color scheme of the forum. If the winning banner does not fit the color scheme it can still win the roaches, but it won't show up on top of the forum.

Essentially, I like the idea of a new, great banner, but I'm not inclined to change it unless there is an overwhelming community involvement in the process. It's not that big of a deal, but neither was expressing my thoughts :P

Where do we submit?!!!???
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I'm up for any and all contests!

I have an older version of photoshop but I am sure I could create something cool (as soon as finals are over and I have some free time again).

I just recently joined here and the banner looks great, although I am sure a bigger one with more species pictured would be really cool.

Anyway, count me in :)


P.S. I may be able to help with prizes. I am unsure as to what a good prize would be though :mellow: cash? roaches?

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What about a funny-photo contest? A contest for who can create the most entertaining roach/prop photos. An example that comes to mind is the video I'm sure most have seen on Youtube where the roaches are playing instruments. But this would be a photo contest that displays roaches in an amusing context.

We would probably have to be specific about whether the winning photo should be the "funniest" or "most creative". These are two totally different categories.


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