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New Arrivals!!!

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Just got a bunch of nice new stuff from Kenthebugguy and Matt K. Thanks guys! Here they are, along with a few I had already...

Blaberus fusca "Dwarf Cave Roach"


Diploptera punctata "Pacific Beetle Mimics"



Blaptica dubia "Guyana Orange Spot Roach"


Unidentified sp "African Bullet Roach"


Therea petiveriana "Domino Roach"


Gyna lurida "Porcelain Roach" Yellow Morph


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Lucihormetica verrucosa


Eurycotis decipiens "Costa Rican Zebra Roach"




Blatta orientalis "Oriental Cockroach"


Pseudomops septentrionalis



Gromphadorhina portentosa "Madagascar Hissing Roach"


I just realized I never took any pics of the Peppered Roach nymphs...grrr...

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Fantastic! The D.punctata are adorable, and A. insignis is really neat. What's kenthebugguy's site?

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Yeah the A. insignis hiss way more than my regular Madagascar Hissers. They are pretty neat!

His site is Kenthebugguy.com. He's a member here and posts stuff in the classifieds regularly. He's a great guy to do business with :)

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It took me about two years to get where I am with tarantulas. Roaches are so much cheaper! And actually, I had a few already (B. orientalis, and B. fusca...lol) You run bugsincyberspace right? Watch out you're next ;)

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I honestly envy your collection Wilster. :ph34r: And owh, did I mention? Deropeltis paulinoi are gorgeous!

Almost everything's nymphs for now but hey it's a good start! Unfortunately I tend to go all out when I get into something...Ts...roaches...I wonder what will be next? :P And thank you! More stuff is on the way too lol

Yeah the D. paulinoi are one of my favorites for sure. They are breeding very well, and have awesome color/disposition!

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