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flying ipis

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Hello, I just joined this forum although i've been in contact with some of the members here like Matt, Peter and Orin.

I first kept roaches around 4-5 years ago, I had something like 8 species primarily for feeding purposes, though I never really fed them to my reptiles. Some species I was successful in breeding, others were not, I guess I didnt pay enough attention then.

Anyway, I was watching a re run of a Jeff Corwin episode just recently where he found a Blaberus giganteus and became instantly addicted! :lol:

I started collecting them again for the past month or so and have so far gotten around 40 species, but I'm still looking to add more and more... :lol:

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I'm not really a fan of either, there are too many herp guys nowadays, I missed Brossard's Insectia though.

I see that you're an addict too :P , but you're lucky there are so many breeders and species available in the US unlike in my part of the world. :(

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What is "ipis"?

We actually do have a small handful of members from the Philippines. It must rank somewhere in the top 10-15 of countries represented on this forum.

Nice to see you here!

Hey Peter,

It's cockroach in the vernacular. The typical house roach is often referred to as "flying ipis", the one species I'm terrified of :blink: hahaha...

Btw, I'm still waiting for the book to arrive, I probably should receive it by next week and I hope I dont see anything there that will not make me sleep for days! :lol:

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Must be so nice to live in Manila with all the spectacular native bugs! I guess you'll just have to get used to the house roaches though.

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