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Florida Sucks


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Hello everyone.

Im just a little upset about florida's strange laws against roaches...

I have been looking up at great websites selling Planchlora Nivea and every site says the same thing NO FLORIDA SELLS...i died a little inside... :mellow:

I heard Green Roaches are found in Florida but I personally have never seen any of them...so now im going out to the everglades to see if i can catch a few wild ones...

please feel free to complain about any annoying laws and regulations...

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Blaptica is not hard to find but there only in specific areas "my friends latin neighborhood".....

but i have never seen Panchlora anywhere!! and ive lived in miami for 19 years....

i here they live in rual areas so im going on a everglades hunt... my next question is what would be the best way to capture this insect??

there flyers so im assuming the light with a sheet works...but i could try the bottle method...what would be the best sugerto use...honey,plain sugar,or apple cider vinigar mixed with honey???

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I'd use a nice beating sheet or umbrella. The nymphs are probably on the tree trunks or stems of bushes while the adults are on foliage.

Nymphs are easy to find under loose bark on a tree or loose material on the ground (most often). Adults you might better find during the day under something where there is moist ground. They can dehydrate easily.

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well this is good news look for roaches by day catch pythons by night!!...

so its safe to say this is a caribbean semi arboreal roach...are there any particular trees i should check?? most likely palm and fruit bearing trees??

Matt K do you have any pics of the nymphs? are they brown or all white?

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