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Cockroach genitalia and identification project



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The other day I remembered how many times genital analyses and whatnot are needed for correct roach classification. I also remembered I have $1000 microscope with camera attachment at my personal disposal. I would like to start a catalog or article, possibly for publication, on the genitals and species of cockroach in culture. If any one out there would like to be a part of this effort, please contact me ASAP. I, for one, have no idea as to what I'm looking for in the dissections, so I'll need a mentor to display how to differentiate different features and actually do the dissecting. Yet again, any one who's interested, has access to charts, or has some spare roaches to donate, please contact me!

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Unfortunately 'my' good microscope has been moved to another university and I didn't had the time for dissections (of my Blaberus sp. and Archimandrita sp.) earlier... besides: I neither have an exact idea about what I'm looking for. But I'll gona try as soon as I have enough free time but then with my home microscope (a relic from a time where there were only reflex cameras).

There are some interesting publications out there (from Louis M. Roth, free access, links see below) but the pics are B/W and bad resolution... would be great to have some modern colored ones available!

You could PM User Lucihormetica for advice, he's doing the dissections as people like us spread butter on our breakfast toasts... but he surely preferes to talk to you (I gotta call him, I know... but the dear time plays against me.). But such a dissection can't be THAT tough (I hope), it's just some hooks and sclerotized parts of sub-millimeter size :rolleyes: !





The list might not be complete ;) .



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