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Hello all, My name is Brandon and I am a Leopard Gecko Breeder. I have just got into Dubia's about a month ago. I have a few questions. Right now they are in a large steralite container with heat, water crystals, Cat food and fruits. But when I check on them most of the adult males have there wings chewed on. Why does that happen and how do I stop it? And will that hurt or stop them from mating with the females? Thanks for the help.


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Hi Brandon

Is it just a little bit chewed? Then it's likely no problem: many roaches do that (for whatever reason) occasionally and older ones often don't have intact wings anymore. If they do it like cannibals, then i) they have to few proteins (e.g. won't or can't eat the cat food) but then you should observe cannibalism in general or ii) are overpopulating or the males outnumber the females.

Only loss of wings reduces their chances with females (handicapped courtship display) but 1 male is enough for 10 females and as long as a Dubia male is alive it will mate (you as a man should know that LoL )!

What about starch/carbohydrates? I'd give them some cereals or similar too.

If you feed them enough fresh fruits they don't need no crystals ;) .



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Thank you for the reply. They are just alittle chewed nothing real bad. I will try the cereal and see if they like it. Thanks again!

More food and you get less chewed wings, thoiugh many species will nip wings regardless when in crowded conditions. It really amounts to nothing if they are for feeders and not for show.

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