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hello everyone


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hello everyone. i am new to the roach keeping scene.

i am currently keeping to species of roaches.

the ever famous blaptica dubia which i am hoping will grow up fast and breed so that i can feed them to inverts


the harlequins roaches. i coincidently found them when cleaning up a store room not to long ago. they are now laying eggs.

i have about 5 of them and 3 are confirmed females. the rest maybe a male and a nymph.

since so little is known of the harlequins i hope that anybody here can tell me how to sex them? i have been trying in vain to see any physical difference in them but i dont see any substantial difference.

i am really hoping to learn more about roaches especially exotics such as the 7 spotted roach which is just so cute. it looks like a domino piece to me.

until next time. have a nice day and take care. thank you.

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Welcome! What area of the country are you in? I've not heard of anyone finding harlequins outdoors except for Hawaii though they're supposed to be found in AZ somewhere. The bottom end of the abdomen has valves for making eggs on the female and the terminal segments look different even before maturity.

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thank you for the welcome and sorry for the late reply.

i am from Malaysia. tropical country just a bit north from the equator. neighbours with Singapore and Thailand.

i will post picture in the future and lets see if there is any difference in the pattern between harlequins in hawaii, arizona and malaysia.

have a nice day everyone.

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