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are these mites?


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hello everyone,

I have a little problem. These days I bought a pair of hissings And today I saw this arthropods om their bodys. Can anyone tell what are they, if it-s dangerous for the animal and how can I get rid of them?

Thank you very much ;)

Those look like the normal commensurate (harmless) mite that lives on many hisser species naturally. These are not a problem and trying to remove them will bother the roaches more than the mites ever will. Some people theorize that they can be very beneficial to the roaches even. I have several colonies of hissers with those mites and it is absolutely not a problem.

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Radu- no it will not be a problem. Those mites stay on hisser roaches only. That mite will not go to another roach species and will not go to a tarantula. Basically they run around on a hisser roach and feed on micro-organisms and a waxy sectretion made by the roach. These mite-food items are not available on other insects/arachnids.

Hibiscusmile- No. Most roaches do not have mites at all under normal circumstances. However it is normal for a few species of mites to want to live in with the roaches as the mites like to live in decaying substrate material, or feed on roach frass or roach food, or all of the above. The most common mite associated with roaches actually feeds on decaying wood/paper products that are often used in roach culture bins. The second most common mite prefers to feed on decaying food that was given to the roaches and/or grain products in dog food/cat food/etc.

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These also look a lot like the mite explosions we sometimes see in our substrates. Since you are only seeing them on the hissers then they are the mites discussed here, but I had an explosion of something similar in appearance in another tank recently.

What did you take those close up photos with?

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sorry for this late reply, those mites were not on the substrate, only on the hissing body. The close up photos were made with a microscope.

On the substrate I found some other type of mites, but in the tarantulas cage, not at the hissings. Here are some pictures of the substrate mites ;)







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