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roaches for sale

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Posted by James on 5/25/2004, 12:31 pm


Moving some roaches to make room for my expanding dubia colony.

Eublaberus distanti (6-spot roach) $70 for 100 large to adults. Price includes express shipping.

I also have a small group (30 or so mostly adults) B. giganteus I am selling for $45 shipped.

I also am going to sell 100 small to medium Eublaberus prosticus for $60 shipped.



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Posted by federico on 5/30/2004, 10:38 am, in reply to "roaches for sale"



I work in a large park in Italy and we would like to buy your colony of Blaberus giganteus. Can you ship to Italy?

Please send me an e mail to fedmeo@hotmail.com

Thank you,


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