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Domino roach ooth

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I saw one of my domino's with an oothecae yesterday, the only thing is is that i dont know if i have any male, i brought them as adults so their might of been males before i had them but do they produce infertile ooths?

I could be wrong, but I don't believe they will..... if they were mine I would assume the ootheca to be fertile. This is an Orin question....

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I had thought that that ooth was the only one, but i had a root through their enclosure yesterday and discovered these :D

How come some of them are fatter than the others?

Is this a sign of the young developing inside maybe?

Plus are they safe incubating in their enclosure?

Or can i take them out and incubate them like phasmid ova?


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i think this needs a bump

is it better to leave the ooths in the enclosure with the adults or take them out?

and if you should take them out how should you incubate or store them?

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I'd love to know if Domino ooths respond well to focused culture...as in placing springtails or iso's in a deli cup and feeding them brewers yeast...as in removing the ooth's and possibly incubating them as you would phasmids. Everything I've read says leave them, so I'd be afraid to try....but that type of culture usually works so well with insects...I understand why you'd ask before you tried it though, I'd be very nervous messing with them.

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