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Lucihormetica temps and gestation


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I've had an adult pair of L. subcincta for about 8 months now and an adult pair of L. verrucosa for about 3 months. I keep them both on 5 inches of mixed topsoil, fine cypress mulch, coconut fiber, and sphagnum moss with dead oak leaves on top. Every week I add a piece of carrot and mist one side of the enclosure. Both females look pretty big, but I've yet to find any babies from either. Is this normal for these species? Their temps fluctuate a little but are at 75-82 most of the time. Should I increase the enclosure size or temps? I also pull back the substrate when I mist; is this discouraging them from forming burrows and thus messing with their breeding habits?

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Fruit certainly does seem to make a difference for some species.

I would not keep them in substrate that deep. Mine are in 2 inches of loose substrate (no soil) and somewhat dry, and are not fed as often as most others I have (mostly dead leaves and the occasional fresh veggie) and they seem to reproduce pretty well for me when temps are around 80 +/- 5 degrees.

Distrubing the environment can make a difference for some species it seems, but I "turn over" or "re-mix" the substrate in almost each bin almost each week....though I am due for the annual "sifting of the frass" and adding any lost substrate.....but have been putting that off just a little....

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