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Madagascar Hissing Roaches - LOW prices

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Posted by LindsayMarie on 6/4/2004, 2:16 am


I have decided to sell all my Madagascar Hissing roaches. My dragons don't seem to care for them too much and their adult size is way too large to feed off. To move them before my surgery I am offering them at a LOW price!

Take the whole group for $65 plus Shipping. There are approximately 75-85+ hissers. Approximately 35 subadult and adult females, 25 subadult and adult males, and around 15-30 unsexed nymphs. Stock is from two different locations. Wide range of colors from all black to the typical looking hissers.

*Prices do not include shipping. Shipping will be estimated based on your location. Each order will be sent with a delivery confirmation number. Live arrival is not guaranteed with Priority. You must upgrade to USPS Express for live arrival guarantee.

Payment Options:

NON credit card payments through Paypal (e-mail for paypal address), money orders, cashiers check, personal check (allow 7-10 days to clear) and cash (at your own discretion).


Again live arrival is NOT guaranteed with priority so no refunds or replacements will be given unless you upgrade to Express. Thank you for your understanding. I ship out roaches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. With Mon and Tue shipment preferred.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address below. Look forward to doing business with you!


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