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A.tesselata breeding

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So ive got 2 adults pairs now, the one female has been adult for a fair while, when should i expect to see nymphs?

Have seen mating displays before, pretty stunning, especially when you had no idea they did that :yikes:

I've got a bunch of adults and large nymphs that I recently acquired. Mine are taking their sweet time too. I keep wondering if they've had babies and the babies are really good at hiding deep in the substrate. I keep checking every few days, but so far, nothing.

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They do seem to be REALLY slow to get started, and maybe somewhat slow to reproduce (not really slow, but slower than one would think compared to the Blaberus genus).

But once they get going they can be steady producers, and worth the time. The nymphs are probably the proportionately largest of all the roaches, which is really cool.

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