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Ant Attack!

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Ants found a tiny hole where the ceiling meets the floor near the shelf that holds some of my bins. They didn't do too much damage, but there were hundreds in each bin. I removed them mostly by hand, but kept finding more all day.

Any ideas for how to get rid of them? I usually shoot pesticide into the hole where they come from, but I don't want to do it in my roach room. I thought about a vaseline barrier in the bin to keep them out, but they were going in through the screen on the side. I could mechanically plug the hole where they are coming in, but then they'd just find another.


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I've never had an "ant attack" before, but if you could find away to raise the bins, that may help a bit. You could try being completely anal about removing dead bodies/leaving enough food in to be consumed in a few hours. That might make the ants leave.

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Here we normally lay out borax on the ant trail considering that it is not somewhere close to human paths so that it blows away.

When the ants tread on it they try to lick it off and gets it in their stomachs. As the ant attack weakens, we usually vacuum all the ants and the remaining powder.

But there are probably hundreds of advices and any pharmacist might advice you differently...



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I usually go the borax method with sticky traps as well for my pest control needs since I’m cautious of all the spray on pesticides. I’m not sure if it would harm your ‘roaches if ants are eating the borax (or walk through a bait trap or pesticide) and then tracking into your ‘roach bins, which would happen a couple hundred times from all the ants. Ants are pretty good at going around sticky traps so I doubt those would work… I hope somebody can help you out.

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