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Lucihormetica subcincta

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Did you get your glowspots from James? I purchased 10 to start a small colony from him. Mine are still subadults like yours. Every few weeks I dig through the substrate to check to see if any have matured... I still haven't seen an adult in person...I bet they are mindblowing! Very mellow roaches (remind me of a hisser almost that likes to burrow)...I see these becoming VERY popular once enough of us get them eatsblished

-Slow moving

-Long lived


A++++++ species.... HOPEFULLY a few more Lucihormetica sp. will make their way into the US hobby!


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I got 6 from James. They are really neat. None of them have matured yet but I've only had them a few weeks. I got excited because I found a moult on top of the soil last week but no adults yet. Hopefully I'll get to see some soon. I've only seen pics of the adults so it will be awesome to see one in person. :D

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...He still looks like he recently molted and is still developing his final colors..... I would wait 4 or 5 days and take another pic for comparison....

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