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Fake plants?

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Hey guys,

I'm setting up a natural looking hisser display tank with cork bark, eco earth substrate and some other things.

My question is: Could I include fake plants in the set up? I'm worried that they might try and eat them. What do you guys think?

http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?...dn=Product+Type < I wanna get these for it!


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They might try to eat them a little, but they'll probably learn not too soon enough. In most cases, roaches won't damage live plants much either.

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I have my tiger hissers in one of the Exo-Terra kit tanks; filled with all of the Exo-Terra goodies that came with it like the substrate, plastic hanging plant, silk fern looking thing ect. They don't seem to even try tasting the stuff. I observed a female trying out the corkbark I have in there, but she quickly caught scent of the apple and dog food I had in their bowl. And they don't have any aversion to it either, one of the males decided his territory would be the pink flower plant and he hangs out there most of the time. The nymphs love the plastic hanging plant, the leaves are perfect hiding places for their size. Try and get a corkbark piece with some good nooks too, the tiniest of my hissers love to hide out in the little crannies leaving only their twitching antennae out. I've had them in this setup for about a month and no fatalities to speak of, so not really expert advice, but some none the less ;)


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