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I have always used vaseline as a barrier for my climbers without any problems. Just recently a couple of my bins had the vaseline slide down the wall. It has only been on a single side that does it. It literally cracks away from the rest of the sides and just slides on down to the bottom. Talk about a pain.....not to mention worrying about something climbing out until I notice it.

It seems to be happening to the new tubs? I haven't done anything new other than it being the newer tubs. Any ideas? anyone ever experience this sort of thing?


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Any chance that side is the one closest to the heat source (something to consider.. but really shouldn't be valid, the melting point is 75C)? If possible, getting some pictures or a brand name (for the petro jelly and tub) may help.

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I don't apply it thick enough to be able to do that- to me that sounds like you are using too much.

To help your problem, get some sand paper and scratch the area where the Vaseline goes just a couple of times- no need to actually sand it- just enough to make it slightly rough. This will help the Vaseline stay- though it may give a foothold for larger roaches. Use #60 or #40 sandpaper.

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