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Heatpad temperature question

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I bought a heatpad (Exo terra Rainforest, 8 watts, 10"x11") for my colony.

Since it's the first time I use a heatpad I'm not sure what temperature it's supposed to reach. Now It's warm but nowhere near burning.

Is this normal? Do they normally require a thermostat and get too hot without one?

(I need to figure out before the 30 day period I have to return it in case I don't want it).

Thanks in advance.

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With the research I've done in heating pads it would seem (according to manufacturer descriptions, ect) that the Exo-terra Rainforest heatpad is one of the milder ones when compared to heating pads of the same size. Per the specifics on some websites, it takes at least 6 hours for your heatpad to heat your enclosure to it's new normal temperature. I had monitored a Zoo Med heat pad for that specific amount of time, plus some additional time off of the tank and in my hands. These seem to work on the heat build-up that occurs when you have the heat pad pressed onto the surface of the container. When I had the pad in my hands it seemingly was just getting barely warm. When I stuffed it under my tank (there was some space, as per the manufacturer's warnings) the substrate did get considerably warmer. The issue (for me at least) was that the only thing getting warmer was the substrate, the ambient temperature was not noticeably affected. This, of course, was due to my substrate type and thickness (also to be considered). Basically, the best thing to do is as Orin said, measure your temperatures. If you don't have anything specific grab a meat temperature guage (like what you use in the oven), it might take slightly longer to get your reading but it's better than nothing.

And of course I could be wrong on some things, it's not my expertise, just my experiences. :rolleyes:

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I have an 8 watt on the bottom of one of my glass B. dubia "breeder" tanks. Its dimensions are smaller and it's a different brand, but they do just fine on it. You could stack some egg cartons within the container so they can thermoregulate (get closer or further from the source of heat). I find that they like to be right down at the bottom of tank, though I have a 1/2 inch layer of coconut fiber substrate in this particular tank. The substrate helps to maintain some humidity as I partially wet it down every few days. I haven't ever bothered to measure the temperature. They make babies! I would describe the underside of the pad itself, which I leave plugged in all the time, as pleasantly warm to the touch--not hot.

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