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Stripeless Hemithyrsocera histrio


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I have got a first generation of day cockroach Hemithyrsocera histrio from Malaysia. For my surprise they do not have a yellow stripes on their wings. If anyone know why? I kept them at 80% RH and +30C.

It could possibly be diet related.

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The situation with my day cockroaches become more clear. I have a mixture of two species. The first is Hemithyrsocera histrio - I start getting imago with classical yellow stripes on the wings. And the second species is possibly Hemithyrsocera palliata. But I am not sure. They are smaller and grow faster. And they do not live long - I could find a lot of dead bodies in their cage. They have different larva and behavior.

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It's awesome to finally have a name for both these species! They were some of the few I have saved in my folder titled "mystery roaches". Most of the ones I have there are from Costa Rica or Malaysia. These are very lovely.

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