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hissers killing hissers...why??

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Posted by New to Hissers on 7/22/2004, 3:52 am

i have about 50 hissers of various size in a 20 gallon tank there are a few toilet paper rollsand two 5x8" pieces od egg crate in the tank all to be used as hides. i have been noticing though more frequently that some are turning up dead and look to be partially eaten. what can be the cause of this? they have food and oranges for moisture. coulds this be cbecause there is not enough hides in the tank for the number of hissers and thgis is natures way of leveling out the tank?

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Posted by justbugs on 7/22/2004, 7:24 pm, in reply to "hissers killing hissers...why??"

Are the dead ones primarily males?

We have found the males to be pretty territorial and will chew the legs off and eventually kill the smaller males.

We were also keeping some paper tubes in our cultures and found that this created to close of a proximity for some of the males.

We took out the tubes and use primarily egg crating now.

Hope this helps


Link: http://www.justbugs.com/

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