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my plans on pet hisser enclosure!

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so ive been looking around the web and ive seen alot of how hissers are generally kept,mainly in bins.i understand its more for convinience but ive never been the kind of person who kept my animals in less than natural setups,well i try anyway..so,,i decided to (actually i was bored)plan on an enclosure that mimics what there natural home is in madagascar on the forest floor at night.using this idea

im going to set up something like this bbbbbb-2.jpgbbbbb-1.jpg what you think?
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That looks really great! I love the baobab idea.

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absolutly!!i just got the tank and screen cover but need a little more time for the cement,glue,styrofaoam and other stuff.i have to order large oak leaves as well.im a bit of a perfectionist so it might take me a while to get it right ;)

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