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My first babies

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Congratulation! These are really slow-growing for their size, expect a year and a half until they're adult! They do look like little termites. :wub:

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Hahaha, I guess I don't need to separate them after all. The babies seem to be taking advantage of the single mother and they eat up all the food. I put a small piece of slightly rotten apple (from my apple tree) in today and they just about attacked it like vultures on a carcass. I seriously don't know just how many there are anymore, I didn't realize there were so many. Take a look at this pic. I counted somewhere around 30 something in the photo, and i am sure there are more not in it.

The cage is almost too small for them now (and imagine when they get bigger), I don't know what to do :D


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They do that with food, lol. When they're older they chase each other around, kick, shove, all sorts of things. You really only realize how many there are when there's food!

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