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What will I ever do?


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Although I have two racks now, mine are not nearly as packed out as yours Kyle. I do have a bearded dragon now and she kinda takes up the top shelf on one of them, lol. Having 23 species of roach seems kinda small when I see your setup lol. Good to know you'll be keepin the hobby going with your growing collection.

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I turned the macro mode off on my camera, turned on the little light on the floor, stepped back, and took a picture with the flash.

Thanks your pics are great. Going to try that. Last night would've been the night had my Flathorns,javanica,Parcoblatta zebra,orange head,Ivory,gigantens,all molting,my L.subcicnta were mating was a great night :rolleyes:All this action has gotten me thinking about moon/tide cycles and roach activity :lol: Thanks for the advice....B)

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The powers that be (my parents) allowed me to get another rack, under the strict conditions that I paint, vacuum, and steam-clean the room. Well, after a week of labor and midterms, I finally finished.

Here's the room after it was painted and cleaned up:


And here it is after being refilled:



Ideally, once some more species get breeding/established the second rack will fill up with larger, nicer-looking containers like the first one. With pretty little labels on them. lol

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