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Forum Will Be Updated

Peter Clausen

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The forum will soon be upgraded to a significantly newer version of the software. I'm manually sorting through 10 applicants per day, most of which turn out to be spammers (that don't make it through the application process as I cross-reference them with spammer databases). Unfortunately, the spammers have become too numerous. The newer version of the software will take some getting used to for all of us, but it will finally allow members to apply and be automatically (instead of manually) approved again. We run the new software at the Allpet Roach Forum's sister sites at http://mantidforum.net and http://beetleforum.net

Please use this thread to ask for help. Orin and I are both familiar with the software upgrade through experience with it on the other forums. We were very hesitant to change anything about this forum because we like the way it looks and generally runs.

Thank you for your patience. Of course, software updates include many improvements on the original version of the software (they're usually appreciated in the long run, but not until a period of adjustment passes). One of the upgrades I particularly like is the option to embed video (like Youtube).

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Am I the only one who doesn't like it? It's HUGE and SPREAD OUT! :P

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