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Just Getting Started From The Philadelphia Area


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Hello -

This is Kyle (scaledverts) from the Philadelphia area. I have been keeping reptiles and spiders for some time and started keeping roaches as a food source. However, recently I have started keeping a number of "pet" species due to the variety of really cool roaches out there. I currently have established colonies of Blaptica dubia, Blaberus discoidalis, Gromphadorhina portentosa, Panchlora nivea and beginning colonies of Gromphadorhina grandidieri "black", Gromphadorhina grandidieri "tiger", Gyna lurida, and Blaberus giganteus.

I was looking for places to buy roaches and found this forum. I am currently looking to expand my colonies to include Blaberus craniifer, Eublaberus posticus, Eublaberus distanti, Archimandrita tesselata, Blaberus fusca, and Blaberus colloseus.

I am always looking to find people that have similar interests. I am sure I will be learning quite a bit from reading the forums here.



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Sup Kyle. :P

Hey vfox -

I made it over here from arachnoboards due to greater roach availability. I have not forgotten about you =)...... send me an email with your schedule for Friday. I will be over your way sometime in the afternoon assuming the weather holds out :unsure:

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