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Help with dubia encloser cleaning


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Hey everyone,

Iv had a dubia colony for about 4 months and it looks like its time for a good cleaning. My problem is im not sure how to separate the small nymphs from the scattered roach chow, the dried water crystals, and the exoskeletons there are baby roaches all over the bottom of the enclosure all mixed in with the stuff on the bottom. HELP

Thanks Alex

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Try taking that pot with holes in it (like a sifter--- but I think it has a name I can't remember lol) to try to separate the roaches from the frass. The water crystals and shed skins, I don't know.

Hope this helps.

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You can drill small holes in a plastic container that only the frass would fit into.

Then put all the wastes together with the nymphs inside the container.

Shake until all the frass have fallen and only the nymphs are remaining.

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