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Just got home! I'm pretty much overwhelmed by the amount of adults in there! There's orange ones and black ones and brown ones... all sorts! Lots of mature females too. The female which I found in my spare room in December is a last instar nymph, and she is definitely something different! Can't wait till she's an adult

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Here is a male and female from the main colony (in other words they are offspring of the original two parents)


Here is the large brown colored male


And here is one of the little orange males


I will be feeding them some apple later tonight, so I will get more photos of the entire colony then.

By the way, there are still many nymphs left! They really need a bigger cage, lol. I can't believe how many of them there are. No sign of oothecae yet though

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Very cool. I've never had a male try and fly yet, I've almost lost one up my sleeve though, lol.

I used easy release painters tape to hold a chilled specimen's wings open. You still need to be careful though because they are very delicate. To remove the tape put it in the freezer with the roach and all and it will come off clean. Pin down the wing near the tape when you remove it though otherwise you could pull off the wing or tear it.

Btw your little males look just like mine. I'm almost certain they are Parcoblatta virginica, jet waiting on conformation from Mr. Carlson.

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Awesome! I got to observe a mating frenzy tonight, and I found out how they court. I always wondered about it, and was actually going to post a question about how the males go about courting. Well, I answered my own question!

You guys are probably getting sick of the updates. It will stop once I go back to school tomorrow. lol


& here's a photo of the food dish after dark. The adult males really are not interested much in eating


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Home for spring break. The roaches are seriously too much for the size of enclosure. They can't possibly keep multiplying with that high of a pop density. There are plenty of orange females and males, so they have their own population too

There are various colors of oothecae that I can see buried in the bottom

Here is the female that I found in my spare room a while back. she has matured and is larger than all the other females. The wings are also shaped differently


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Your females have such long wings! My ladies' wings are nowhere near that long.

Interesting. My females from Tennessee have fairly long wings. Maybe the further south you go the longer the wings?

A female I found around here had short wings...

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Anoles are like cockroach prison guards. :P

I am glad to know that, I have an Anolis equestris who probably doesn't know what she is missing. :lol: I hope that she won't have to wait long, My small colony of Discoids has yet to reproduce, but hopefully soon I will have alot more sent my way. Then it will be on. :lol: It is too bad that she only has one eye, I found her with a smashed head on October 1, 2010. :( She does like Surinams, but it takes alot of time and effort to fill her up.

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More pics while I am home! :D

I'm sure you hate to hear it, but I have been feeding off a few males each day. There are just so many of them that it is probably healthy for the colony to get rid of a few

Both species are reproducing, and there are still plenty of nymphs!




Here is a male and female of the orange variety. The female has an ootheca


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