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Those are HUGE if they are virginica. I think you have something else there. My male virginica are the size of Germans at about half an inch at most.

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The males should live longer than that shouldn't they? I feel like these just recently molted into adulthood...hmm. Maybe the literature is a bit off on the male life span Eh?

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I got to check on the colony today. All the males are now gone. There are just females, nymphs, and hatchlings left now. Yes, I did see some new born nymphs in the tank!! woo! And the bottom of the cage is littered with all different kinds of oothecae.




And here are 3 different females which happened to be together for a good photo. There is still another kind of orange one in there which I havn't photographed


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It's very interesting to see long wings on those female P. pennsylvanica. Are most of yours like that?

Speaking of Parcoblatta, the snow is gone here and I finally went out looking for stuff the other day. I found 5 Parcoblatta nymphs (probably all pennsylvanica) about 6 feet up under the bark of dead ash trees. Makes me wonder if they overwinter there.

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Those look too big to be P. virginica females, do think they are P. lata or Parcoblatta americana? My female P. virginica are dinky, just around 3/8 of an inch...much much smaller than my P. pennsylvanica females which are over 3/4 of an inch.

I'm curious how well the hatching will go, I'm still waiting on my 8-10 ooths to pop. :)

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All of the pennsylvanica females have wings like that. I've never seen one with short wings.

I honestly don't know about the ID of the others. There are lots of different possibilities of which none can be really proven without an expert

I think I saw some nymphs hatching yesterday. Unfortunately I had to leave though. 4 more weeks until I will be home for the summer. The enclosure was crawling with nymphs though!

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I'm home for the summer now and most of the adults in my colony have died off. There are still occasional adult females but no males. There are a lot of sub adult numphs, and TONS of hatchlings. I would go as far as saying maybe a few hundred. This is just one of the 4 egg crates...


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Its been a few months and the first of this generation are starting to reach adult hood. I saw a newly molted female yesterday.

There is an overwhelming number of them now_ must be a hundred or more. You guys WOULD NOT BELIEVE how much food they go through every night. Handfuls and handfuls of fishfood, chicken food, and fresh apple go into the cage every night and it is all gone by morning

As to if I am able to keep this colony much longer, I doubt it. I'm going back to school next month and mom refuses to take care of them again. Even if she did agree, the numbers are so large they would be unmanageable for her. So hopefully if I release 3/4 of them, she will take care of them for me and they can re populate




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Wow i wish my dermestids would populate a container like that!

BTW have you decided to cull off the colony or is it still running? You should be able to use them as wasp food look meatier then crickets.

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