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Careful, where you send your roaches to!

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Copy-and-pasted response of mine from another forum:

"They practically have a roach buffet down there.

Blaberus discoidalis. Blaberus craniifer. Blaberus giganteus.

Panchlora nivea. Blatta orientalis. Periplaneta australasiae. Periplaneta americana. Periplaneta fuliginosa. Pycnoscelus surinamensis.

Plenty of tasty ones to choose from.

*And the list goes on! Hemiblabera tenebricosa, Eurycotis floridana, Periplaneta brunnea. Good lord. "

He easily could have cultured another species native/introduced in Florida.

On another note, I love how they put that the dubias could damage the "delicate natural ecosystem" or whatever that Florida has.

A very delicate natural ecosystem consisting of invasive iguanas, anoles, curly tails, tegus, monitors, tarantulas, and practically every single other exotic animal ever brought into the US. :P

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Guys, I couldn't agree with you more. The guy should've been content with the numerous and valuable species he could find in his home state. And yeah, Florida's ecosystem is already so... "tainted" that I can't possibly see dubia being a threat.

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I can sympathize with him to a point. But apparently he's been in the bug business for a while, and I'm sure he knew about all the native roaches.

The real reason he did this wasn't because dubias are such an amazing, irreplaceable feeder; it was for the money. Blaberus discoidalis are just as good as, if not a better, feeder than dubias, and this whole thing would not have happened if he had decided to use them instead. But nowadays there's such a craze for dubias a lot of the other, potentially better feeder species never get any attention.

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