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E. chopardi and E. javanica

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I will be getting these species soon and was wondering if their care is like other hisser species. I have had my normal G. portentosa colony for about 7 years with pretty good success. Are A. insignis also like other hissers, I just got a few of these as well.

Nevermind. Got it, thanks anyway though.

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Have some on the way also... Heard they require same care. Sounds lime they re slower breeders. Excited to find out!

Yeah I just got my Elliptorhina species yesterday. They are hissy and fast compared to my other hisser type species. I cant wait until they reach adulthood and start multiplying. It is starting to warm up here and it will reach low 90's in my bug room this summer. All my roaches seem to take off with the higher temps.

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