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Non-infesting Roach?

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Posted by David on 10/1/2004, 5:30 pm

Is there a species of roach that I can raise to feed my chameleon that would not infest my home if a pregnant one managed to escape? Roaches make great feeder insects, but I would not dare take the chance of having them in the house if an escapee could start an infestation. (Not even if they can be easily contained with vasoline around the rim of their aquarium.)




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Re: Non-infesting Roach?

Posted by MantidsAssassins on 10/2/2004, 6:01 pm, in reply to "Non-infesting Roach?"

Hello David,

Most roaches on the Allpet Roaches page aren't pest species, meaning they will not survive or breed in our homes. Gromphadorhina, Blaberus, Opisthoplatia and others are excellent pets that cannot breed in a home (whithout your love and attention).

The only ones to avoid are Periplaneta species, Supella, Blatella and Blatta. These genera include pest species that DO live in kithchens and houses everywhere. These are seldom seen for sale.

**Surinams won't survive in a kitchen but they can live forever in your houseplants if you have them.

**Nauphoeta and Panchlora are known to jump terrariums (they won't end up around the house but can end up in every terrarium).

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