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Nice looking dubia


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I saw a dubia that was different from all of my dubia's. I thought that it was recently molted and was gaining it's dark color, this is when I grabbed the roach, dropped it and lost it into the thousands of her fellow roaches. I gave them carrots, and had the water crystals soaking up the water, I found her feeding on the chow, and put her into a small plastic animal keeper, then I placed a carrot, and toilet paper roll and left her over night inside of the container (my colony). I wanted to see if her color would change at all, and when I woke up she was the same color.

I thought it was very beautiful, it's difficult to tell but she's very white and black, I thought she was very different and beautiful want wanted to show and see what others thought of my find.

Click on link below and you should be able too see the 3 pictures it's set to public.


- Cliff

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I think she looks nice, I don't have any Dubias myself but I have seen photos of mostly orange colored ones.

The first roaches I purchased were Blaberus discoidalis(probably not pure), but I may not have got them if it weren't for the black and white coloring on them when I saw them ventrally.

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Mine look like that for up to 2 days after molting. Everyone once in a while they stay like that though. Normally they are smaller females though.

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Well she could be black with some orange now, I'll have to search the colony in a day or later tonight if I get some oranges for them.

I figured she was getting done molting, but from what I could tell nothing changed in like 12+ hours from when put her in then checked on her again.

Is it possible to have albino roaches? Do they have that possibility? for the gene like other animals?

Thanks for the reply guys, If I find her and she's the same, maybe I should find a nice little container for her and have her on display. Get some little natural tank going with just 1 roach... :rolleyes:

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