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Roach question

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Posted by Just Bugs on 10/13/2004, 1:11 am, in reply to "roaches"

They can't bite that I know of and I raise 9 different types but they can give you one heck of a stab from the spines on their legs... However, I have mainly experienced that when trying to hold them still by the leg to get photos...

I hope this helps!



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Posted by MantidsAssassins on 10/14/2004, 9:05 am, in reply to "roaches"

Roaches do not bite.

If your children are being bitten now and then, the first thing you'd check for is fleas and second certain types of house spiders (of course there are scabies and lice if bites are excessive). You'd likely be better off checking with a pest control company than a doctor if it's not in the human parasite group (doctors are primarily untrained in entomology).


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