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Misting the enclosures

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Apologies if this has been asked before but I just need clarification if possible as I keep hearing different things; my question is- Do hissing cockroaches need misting?

I've read that they don't and like it dry, but then I have read they like it really humid....I don't know what to do! I know that it may depend on the environment, if it helps I'm in the north of England.

Will the water gel crystals and veg I will provide give enough moisture or is misting required?

Oh by the way, I should say hi! This is my first post and Im new to keeping roaches- on wednesday i will be getting my first bunch of Hissing Cockroaches :)

Also I wasn't sure where to post this..here or the health forum. Thanks a lot and thanks for the interesting reading on the site.

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I mist my hissers every other day sometimes more. Only on one side of the enclosure so they have a choice. When misting I soak the egg crates until puffy but not enough so they disintegrate. Some roaches will eat each other in search of moisture, recently was educated on this forum, had the misthought that Eublaberus genus would kill each other in search of protein but its really moisture (thanks for the incite) Sure enough mist a week of misting my E. javanica and there was a half eaten male whoops there are way too many boyz in that tank anyway. Good luck happy roaching.


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I just put a water dish and provide them fruits.

To revise what I said earlier. My general idea is maintenance: every 2-3 days check for moldy food, babies,dead roaches,pests, add or subtract food or water crystals, then lightly spray. Then once a week its nice to do a more thorough job cleaning and feeding. Honestly most of the work is because its nice to spend time with the roaches. My hisser gauge= multiple roaches surrounding water dish. With general care they will do fine. Enjoy


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