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E.posticus wing biting

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Well have been feeding my orangeheads dog food lately. Have been under them impression that wing biting is caused by lack of moisture. My colony was given an overflowing dish of water crystals every other day and still lots of biting. Switching back to fishfood with the Eublaberus genus will post back if I see a reduction in biting. How many species in this genus are cultured in the US? Already have the orangeheads and the ivories, but want them all lol very awesome roaches! :D

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BTW my colony has recovered they needed that switch of food. Got a mass of little eater earth movers :rolleyes: Anyone know how many species of Eublaberus are cultured in the US? Really like to get more. Very active

4; E. posticus, E. distanti, E. sp. "White", and E. sp. "Pantanal". My favorite genus by far; I really wish we had more. ):

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